Élhée Baby Bottle - Milk


Anti-colic natural baby bottle by Élhée

Safe, sensorial and beautifully designed, Élhée BibRond in medical grade silicone distinguishes itself by its pure lines, all in roundness, softness and suppleness to offer a special, tender moment of bonding with your baby. 

A soft and velvety touch imitates a breastfeeding sensation.

Designed with the greatest respect of safety and hygiene standards for babies and infants, suitable from birth.

Available in 2 sizes: 150ml and 240ml (choose your preferred size below)

Bottles come with teat in Medium Flow:

150ml bottle comes with teat Size 1 (0-3 months)/ Medium Flow

240ml bottle comes with teat Size 2 (3-24 months) / Medium Flow.

Additional sizes/flow speeds can be purchased separately.


The soft and extra-supple texture of the physiological teat provides your baby with a sensation that is similar to breastfeeding. The teat’s enlarged base in particular recreates a natural sucking position. Its adapted perforation regulates the flow according to the liquid contained in the bottle, which encourages your baby to exert the same sucking effort as while breastfeeding.

To adapt to babies’ needs, the Élhée teats are available in 2 sizes and different flow rates (Slow, Medium or Dense). The baby’s flow preferences are usually related to how they breastfeed. Some are eager to eat, others need more time. 

150ml bottle comes with teat Size 1 (0-3 months) / Medium Flow 

240ml bottle comes with teat Size 2 (3-24 months) / Medium Flow.

Additional teats in Size 1 with Slow Flow option (recommended for breastfed and premature newborns) and Size 2 with Dense Flow (for dense fluids) are available separately. All teat sizes are compatible with both bottle sizes. 

Élhée BibRond's patented design guarantees that the baby formula never comes into contact with any material other than the specially selected silicone. This medical grade silicone is naturally exempt from toxic substances such as PPA, PPS, lead, PVC, phthalate, nitrosamine, cadmium and heavy metals.

Bottle and teats can be safely washed in the dishwasher placed in the upper rack. However, to make the teat last, we would recommend gentle hand-washing with regular detergent.

Made in France


Élhée Baby Bottle - Sand
Élhée Baby Bottle - Blue Grey
Élhée Baby Bottle - Nude
Élhée Baby Bottle - Kaki


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